Krabot Vendor Review | Why You Need To Buy from This?

Krabot is a new kratom vendor online and is located out of Chino Hills in California who have come into the kratom market recently. This kratom vendor aim is to provide their customers with the high graded kratom Savvy and its related products at a fair price. Though they are new in business they have been able to gain lots of positive reviews from their customers in all their social media accounts. This is by ensuring that their customers’ needs are achieved at the right time.

Customer care services

The company has excellent customer care services where they offer a platform such their email, phone number, and social media accounts, where each customer is able to contact them for any information or query. The customers can ask for help or any questions on their FAQ page. They are very efficient and willing to help their customers.


Krabot kratom has provided their customers with a wide range of products which have been tested in the laboratory and approved by the FDA. With this, their customers are assured that they are using high-quality products that are harmless to their health. They offer their products in powder and also other forms such as capsule form. Their special products include;

  •  Green Maeng Da,
  • Bali Gold,
  • Green Bali,
  • Green Malay,
  • Red Hulu,
  • Red Kali
  • Red Horn

They have also introduced some blended strains such as kratom Trend evening blend which is made up of Red Sumatra, Red Bali, Red Bentuangie and some Yellow Bali. This has made krabot to stand out from other kratom vendors. The customers who have tried the blended strains have liked it. They claim that its onset of action is faster compared to a normal kratom. Their soap which is made of secure natural ingredients come in different blended strains such as coconut oil, olive oil Distilled water, grape seed oil, sunflower oil, coffee, and cocoa cream. The company also packages its products well and in a unique manner to make it easier for its customers to identify and also to ensure that their products are well protected. New customers are given starter packs.


Krabot products are sold at affordable prices to ensure that everybody gets it regardless of their social economic class they are in. Compared with other companies they offer better and bigger deals where they sell their hundred grams of krabot Kratom for $ 23.99.They also offer discounts and coupon codes on their different social media accounts to their customers this as enabled them to attract a huge number of customers compared to other vendors.


To order anything from krabot is very easy, one is required to visit their website and choose from the many products they have on their page. All orders are processed and shipped out on same day using USPS Priority Mail if an order is placed before 9 am. You are also given a tracking number. An extremely heavy volume like during Tax Season, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday the orders may take an additional day. For payment, one can use Cryptocurrency, eCheck or Zelle