Wood or Vinyl Windows and Doors? We Say Vinyl for the Win!

Choosing the right replacement windows or doors for your home goes beyond style. Materials are also an important factor in making your decision. From price to aesthetics, choosing the right window and door material requires care.

Wood or vinyl


Vinyl windows and doors were originally designed as an inexpensive alternative to wood and have come a long way in recent years. While white was the only color option for vinyl windows and doors in the past, they are now available in a wide variety of colors to match the style of your home. Also, the overall appearance of vinyl has been improved and it has become much more aesthetically pleasing.

Uniformity – Since vinyl is a man-made product, you can expect uniformity in every piece you install. Each will be perfectly matched to the rest, making your home look stunning.

Affordable Vinyl is the most affordable option for replacing windows and doors. Just because they’re affordable doesn’t mean they’re of lower quality. Vinyl is very attractive and very durable. It is a great option for replacing windows and doors in most cases.

Maintenance-free – Replace your windows and doors and forget them. Vinyl windows do not require painting and they will not rust, rot, or rot. When properly installed, they will last in your home just as long as you do.

Color flexibility – Eight premium exterior colors, in addition to white, brown and clay, means you can match colors to your exterior trim, siding and stucco.

Premium formula – Our vinyl windows and doors have a two-layer formula that outperforms the competition in both durability and style.

Vinyl is a great option for both modern homes and rental properties. Because it’s hassle-free and affordable, vinyl is the frontrunner for most window replacement needs.


Wood replacement windows and doors have a timeless beauty that vinyl cannot deliver. Historic and luxury homes usually have wooden windows and doors, giving them a rich, classic look.

Resale – Wooden windows and doors often have a higher resale value due to their high-quality construction. Wooden windows and doors are considered an upgrade, making them a luxurious addition to any home.

Style options – Wooden windows and doors offer hundreds of style options and are even fully customizable. For example, if you need to replace a small number of windows, you can easily find wooden windows that perfectly match or complement the current style of your home. Wood is also paintable, so it’s easy to match your home’s aesthetic or change the color.

Luxurious – Considered a higher quality, wooden windows and doors are a luxurious way to upgrade your home. They offer a deep, rich look that cannot be matched.

Higher quality – Modern wooden windows and doors are durable. They are usually wood on the inside and fiberglass on the outside to give them even more durability and staying power.

If you’re considering replacing your windows and doors, it’s important to keep your overall budget and the aesthetic needs of your home in mind to make sure you choose the right one. With nearly three decades of experience in the business, Newman Windows and Doors is here to help you make the best choice for your home.

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