Whitehaven grandmother concerned for grandkids’ health amid COVID pediatric cases

MEMPHIS, Tennessee — Toddler Terrance Jones Jr. is naturally full of energy. His family is concerned about his health at school.

“My grandson, we had to take him all the way out of pre-K because he has asthma and this delta variant is spiraling out of control,” said his grandmother Bridget Bradley.

Bradley said COVID has affected her family personally. Her sister-in-law became ill with COVID after caring for her two grandchildren after school.

“They tested positive for COVID from school and they brought it home and now she is in the hospital.”

Bradley worries about kids not taking social distancing in classrooms all day at school.

“The lives of these kids have been so much and they just don’t care anymore,” she said. “It’s about money over children. About their lives. There is nothing more important to me than my grandchildren. Nothing, and I won’t, I promise you I won’t risk their lives.”

Bradley turned her study into a classroom for her grandchildren last year and says she’s willing to redo it if the need arises to keep them alive.

In late August, Gov. Lee issued an executive order stating that parents can choose not to have their children masked in schools. However, the US Department of Education is investigating the order as discriminating against children with underlying health conditions.

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— Dr. Joris M. Ray (@SCSSuptRay) September 9, 2021

Bradley shared what she thinks Shelby County School leaders can do to ensure the safety of children amid a pandemic.

“I can’t just blame them, because their hands are really tied to Governor Lee now,” Bradley said. “I blame him. I promise you I’ll blame him because, first of all, I don’t think we should have gone back to school. These children, the ones who have died, would still be alive.”

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