What could be a sweeter gift than more time?

September marks Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Brady was an adventurer, his family said he loved going to the zoo and exploring nature. He was a fireball who never met a stranger.

When he developed a headache and eye pain at the age of two, a pediatrician said it was just a virus. Then Brady started vomiting.

“I took him back to that same pediatrician and I demanded answers and the next day we scheduled a CT scan, which showed Brady had a grapefruit-sized tumor in his brain,” said mother Katy Mortimer.

Brady was rushed to a local children’s hospital where they learned he had a rare, aggressive tumor.

His family decided to pack his things from Kansas so Brady could be treated at St. Children’s Hospital in Memphis, where families don’t have to worry about bills for treatment, travel, housing or food.

“As soon as we walked through the hospital doors, this place was amazing,” said Mortimer. “They knew we were coming, they knew Brady’s name, they knew Brady’s diagnosis. Brady was treated there and they finally gave us hope.”

Brady died in 2012 at the age of 3 in St. Jude. His mother said the hospital could provide comfort to her family at a time of fear.

“From the nurse, to the doctor, to the radiologist, to the lady in the cafeteria to the man who cooked Brady’s favorite chicken strips. It’s just such a magical place.”

The hospital also offered the priceless.

“Brady had less than a 10% chance of living because the tumor was so aggressive,” Mortimer said. “But St. Jude could give our family more time. How do you buy time?”

Mortimer also advocates Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, which is represented by the color yellow.

In addition to showing your gold on social media in September, there are other ways to help, such as donating. Just $3 can help provide isolation masks for kids. $22 helps provide rehabilitation weights and $30 provides a daily meal pass for a family.

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