Virginia childhood cancer survivor asks for state to ‘go gold’ for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

A childhood cancer survivor asks Virginia for gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

At the age of 10 Juanita Prada was diagnosed with leukemia.

Now 27 years old, Prada says the effects of her childhood cancer followed her into adulthood, despite being declared cancer-free after winning her battle with cancer twice.

More than 300 children in Virginia are diagnosed with cancer each year, and of those who beat their cancer, three in five will experience long-term symptoms.

Through a partnership with the ASK Childhood Cancer Foundation, Prada is sharing her own story and raising awareness about the long-term effects of childhood cancer through her own movement, “Behold, Be Gold”.

“We’re asking people to change their light bulbs, to use gold for their homes, businesses or buildings to show they support childhood cancer awareness,” Prada said.

Visit BeholdBeGold or gogoldva to buy a gold light bulb for your home or business and learn more about Prada’s pursuit of awareness.

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