UnitedHealthcare pays far less to administer COVID-19 shots to kids, pediatricians say

UnitedHealthcare pays about half the rate other insurers pay for COVID-19 injections, which pediatricians fear could hamper vaccination coverage.

Northbrook, Illinois-based PediaTrust is paid between $25 and $40 less per admission by UnitedHealthcare than other insurers, according to Business Insider.

The average insurer pays $40 per injection, which is equivalent to what the government pays for Medicare recipients who get vaccinated. However, pediatricians across the country agreed that the insurer pays far less than the average rate.

PediaTrust expects a loss of $250,000 once children 12 and younger become eligible to be vaccinated, according to a PediaTrust physician.

An American Academy of Pediatrics told Business Insider that the group has raised concerns about UnitedHealthcare’s rates across the country, and the financial toll could affect vaccination rates later on.

“We are pleased to review the data, partner with the American Academy of Pediatrics and encourage pediatricians of concern to contact us,” a UnitedHealthcare spokesperson told Business Insider.

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