Two children face being orphaned as mum battles terminal cancer after dad’s death

Two little girls are at risk of orphanage after doctors who first thought their mother had appendicitis told her she was dying of cancer.

Helen Davy, 44, has been forced to prepare her little girls for life without her – and just years after their father also tragically died.

The IT manager, from Rotherham, has been told she has cancer in her appendix, bowel, stomach, colon and pelvis.

Helen and the girls lost her beloved husband John just four years ago after he suffered a blood clot near his heart.

The widowed mother is now doing her best to reminisce with daughters Annalize, eight, and Kairen, five, while you still can, reports Yorkshire Live.

The family are planning a trip to Butlins to reminisce while they still can (Image: Handout)

The brave mother told the Yorkshire Post that she had the rare cancer Pseudomyxoma peritonei (PMP).

She said, “My first thoughts were not for me, but for my girls and what would happen to them.”

Helen told the paper that her daughters would be moving in with her twin sister, which would hopefully mean they can stay at the same school.

She said: “All the money goes to the girls and their future.

“I don’t want to take them on a luxury holiday abroad, for me it’s about having fun while you can and it doesn’t cost a fortune.

“We have a kitchen disco every Saturday and we plan to go to Butlins because sometimes I struggle to do things because of the pain. I also make some memory boxes for them.”

Helen said she first noticed something was wrong when she limped and developed a stomachache.

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At first the doctors thought it might be appendicitis, but a few months ago she started experiencing excruciating pains in her stomach.

Hospital scans revealed she had cancer that had spread from her appendix and was incurable.

She said she was upset at first when told she had a terminal illness because she wondered if she would have had a different outcome if it had been noticed earlier.

But Helen said she is on chemotherapy and is trying to keep up the spirits.

She said: “I like to think of myself as strong, despite being only six feet tall and six feet.

“I’m determined to make it through Christmas and I’ll keep fighting for as long as I can.”

Helen and her young daughters are also supported by Sunbeams at Rotherham Hospice.

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She thanked kind strangers who donated to her family after learning of their plight, along with family friend Paul Keeton, who set up a crowdfunding page to help them create lasting memories together while they still can.

Pal Paul wrote in his fundraiser last week that John’s death has already “left a huge hole in the family.”

He wrote of Helen’s diagnosis, “It’s horrific and we just wanted to do something to help them in any way we could.”

Paul set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to help pay for a trip together for Helen and the girls, though she’s since said they want to use it to focus on creating memories.

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He added: “I just wanted to set it up because I wasn’t sure what else we could do to help them.

“I can’t imagine losing a parent now, so I can’t imagine what the girls and the family must be going through. It’s just awful.”

Paul continued: “We know the money isn’t going to change the world, but if it helps the girls have a lasting memory of their mother, that’s enough.

“It’s just two girls aged five and eight facing being orphaned, it’s just heartbreaking.

“If this page can help create a memory for the little girls, that’s all we want.”

Paul added: “I just wanted to emphasize that these children have already suffered so much from the loss of their father and are now also facing the loss of their mother.

“We just wanted to do something to help them.”

The fundraising page has already attracted donations of over £10,000.

Visit the Go Fund Me page and donate here.

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