Three common illnesses impacting children this summer have pediatricians on high alert

SAN ANTONIO – Runny noses, coughing and high fever have been very familiar to many parents of young children lately. In addition, pediatricians say they are seeing an increasing number of children of all ages come to their offices with illnesses often associated with summer.

dr. Rob Sanders, associate medical director for PediExpress at University Health System, says it’s like turning on “a faucet” after the mask mandate was lifted and the number of children with illnesses just pouring in.

“We see kids as young as babies into their teens, who come in with a cough, high fever and things like that,” he said.

Sanders said many doctors are seeing upper respiratory illnesses, which are usually associated with the fall and winter seasons.

“The three most common diseases that we see now are croup, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), and then simply the common cold, which is caused by the rhinovirus,” Sanders said.


RSV cases have risen rapidly in several states, including Texas, leading to a notification by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention urging caregivers to test more for it.

“Respiratory syncytial virus is a virus that causes bronchiolitis. That’s an infection that can be quite serious and minor in our younger patients and our babies,” Sanders said.

He predicts that upper respiratory tract viruses will be present until about mid-July and then likely resurface when children return to school.

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