‘This is a roadmap’; Roc Solid Founder and cancer survivor releases book

NORFOLK, Va. – The founder of a local nonprofit contributes to the ways in which he gives back.

Eric Newman is the Founder and Chief Play Officer at Roc Solid, a foundation that builds playsets for children battling cancer and provides “ready bags” when a child is first diagnosed.

As a childhood cancer survivor, Newman knows the journey can be tough, but he believes his experiences can help others. Pen to paper, he is releasing a new book called ‘What Hope Looks Like’.

“This is a practical way to show them, hey, if you want to love and serve someone in the childhood cancer community, this is a roadmap for you to follow,” he said.

Newman said that while the book is written in part for families to plan for “what’s next,” it can help anyone going through a rough time.

“This book is really for anyone who has gone through some kind of pain in their life and who actually wants to put a purpose behind the pain because hope is when your pain reaches your goal,” Newman said.

25 percent of the money goes back to the foundation, which means more playsets and more ready-made bags for kids battling cancer.

To date, Roc Solid has partnered with 60+ children’s hospitals across the country.

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