The Kids’ Cancer Project Invites Australians To Donate On Pirate Day In New Campaign Via We Are Social

Socially-led creative agency We Are Social has partnered with visual effects company Alt.VFX to provide pro-bono support to The Kids’ Cancer Project for its Pirate Day campaign.

The Kids’ Cancer Project is using funds raised from Pirate Day, a nonprofit dress-up initiative that began today in 2015, to fund scientific studies looking at better treatments and ultimately a cure for brain cancer, which is the largest. killer due to illness in children.

The socially-led Pirate Day campaign, aimed at raising awareness and inviting Australians to donate, offers people the opportunity to virtually dress up as pirates and show their support online with # PirateDay2021.

The “ARRRR Filter”, a Spark AR filter for Instagram and Facebook, allows users to dress up as a pirate. After making a donation on, users can also unlock the special parrot, Rosie, by entering the code in their donation receipt.

The filter was developed by T&DA, Alt.VFX’s visual effects studio, and can be accessed from The Kids’ Cancer Project’s Instagram page.

We Are Social has also brought in TV stars and social media influencers such as Olivia Vivian, Ben Polson and Mel Schilling to join the initiative and nominate their friends to do the same. filter and donations.

“Childhood brain cancer is a terrible disease that has directly affected my family,” Ewan Harvey, copywriter at We Are Social, said in a statement.

“We are incredibly proud to be using our creativity for a good cause and, together with our partners at Alt.VFX, to help The Kids’ Cancer Project raise much-needed research funding.”

The credits for the campaign are as follows:

Client: The Kids’ Cancer Project

Creative agency: We Are Social

Lyricist: Ewan Harvey

Art director: Mike Phillips

Account Manager: Isabella Ziino

Create AR filter: T&DA

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