Texas COVID-19 in children: Galveston County reports 1st pediatric coronavirus death

GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) — Galveston County reports its first pediatric COVID-19 death.

According to an announcement made Thursday by the county health district, the girl was 10 years old or younger.

She died of the virus on Tuesday, September 7. It’s unclear if the girl had any underlying health problems.

Health officials said this is the first COVID-related death of someone young in Galveston County.

The girl was a student at a Galveston County school, although county health officials said they don’t believe she contracted the virus on campus.

According to Dr. Philip Keizer, the Galveston County health authority, the girl was in pre-K.

The girl’s death will be reported on the health district’s coronavirus dashboard, along with Friday’s update on the case.
This comes nearly three weeks after the city of Houston reported its first pediatric COVID death with no underlying health conditions.

The Houston boy, who was between the ages of 10 and 19, had not been vaccinated, the city reported. He died in a hospital in Houston in late July.

The city said that although he tested positive for the virus, it is unknown if he was infected with a COVID variant.

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