Stowe family writes children’s book on how to fight Lyme disease with a healthy diet

STOWE, Vt. (WCAX) — In 2019, more than 700 Vermonters were diagnosed with Lyme disease. A family in Stowe says they are successfully managing the tick-borne disease with a strict diet.

“It was this thing where we all kept getting it, so it was scary,” Stowe’s 11-year-old Julie Glowac said.

Julie and her 8-year-old brother Trevor have been battling Lyme disease for years and now the two test negative after years of treatment.

“It still makes me nervous sometimes, knowing it’s never completely gone. It will always be in you. It still makes me nervous sometimes,” says Julie.

“I don’t want to eat sugar — well, I want to eat sugar, but I can’t because my Lyme disease would come back,” Trevor said.

Christina Glowac, ​​the couple’s mother, also has Lyme disease.

She says a restrictive diet is a big part of the treatment and has been especially helpful in their household.

“There’s a school of thought that if you catch it and do one course of antibiotics you’ll be better, and that’s not necessarily what this looks like. It’s a lot to treat Lyme disease. We’ve done a lot in the field.” of nutrition, we’ve done herbal treatments,” Glowac said.

Glowac says Trevor was diagnosed when he was four years old and didn’t quite understand why he could no longer enjoy traditional sweets.

She started calling healthy foods “ninja foods” to get rid of the “Lyme Bugs” and says the concept caught on quickly.

“My brother had a hard time not being able to eat some of the things he wanted to eat,” Julie said. “My mom discovered ‘ninja food,’ which was a way for him to get excited about what he wanted to eat.”

Glowac says she wanted to figure out how to make desserts with the dietary restrictions they had to follow.

“We actually spent a lot of time in the kitchen figuring out the recipes so he would eat them,” Glowac says.

And so the children’s book ‘Ninja Foods’ was born.

The book teaches readers the concept of “ninja food” and shares which foods are included in a restrictive diet and which are not.

“They help me understand what I could and couldn’t eat,” Trevor said.

It also shares dessert recipes so people can see how to get creative in the kitchen like the Glowacs.

“We want this to be in all the hospital waiting rooms of the doctor’s offices. I want when kids meet nutritionists, it’s something they recommend,” Glowac said.

“I thought it was a nice idea and that it could help other kids, but not just kids with Lyme disease, kids with cancer and other diseases,” Trevor said.

After about a year on the job, Glowac says they are halfway through their fundraising goal, and once they reach that goal, they can publish the book.

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