Staff at Glasgow children’s cancer ward forced to isolate after flouting Covid rules

Employees at a pediatric oncology unit were forced to self-isolate after violating Covid rules on a colleague’s retirement.

Insiders from Queen Elizabeth University Hospital claimed more than 40 people met for a party at a pub in Glasgow’s Maryhill.

Strict rules in Level Two areas, including the city, state that no more than six people from three households are allowed to meet indoors.

A source said the staff all worked in the oncology ward at the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow – the same ward embroiled in controversy over the contaminated water scandal.

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Up to 84 very poor children became infected and there have been several deaths related to the issue – including that of Milly Main, who died during the very early stage of a stem cell transplant from a bacterial infection in 2017.

Milly Main, 10, died in 2017 at Queen Elizabeth University Hospital

Her parents only learned of the connection with the infection two years later.

The insider said: “Following the water and ventilation scandal at the Royal Hospital for Children, I think it is only right to inform the public that nurses from the same ward where several children died as a result of infections possibly caused by the water supply and ventilation system of the hospital, a retirement party on Saturday, June 26 in Maryhill.”

She claimed several ward managers and nurses had contracted Covid – although the Greater Glasgow & Clyde Health Board suggests only a handful of people were affected, with the majority not infected but keeping themselves in isolation due to close contact.

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She added: “There were at least two positive cases I know of and more than 10 isolated, including management and doctors.

“There were others there who were told not to isolate for some unknown reason and still work in the department.

“But it’s not about the numbers, it’s about the fact that in the first place they all attended a big gathering in a pub while working in a pediatric oncology ward during a pandemic and the kids and their parents have no knowledge of the risks of staff took with the lives of their children.”

A Health Council spokesperson said: “At NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, we regularly remind staff of the importance of following current COVID-19 guidelines, both on and off work.

“At no time can we confirm that patients have been put at risk because staff tested positive or because they had to
self-isolating with respect to the referenced event.

“There was no impact on service and the affected employees have all returned to work since then.”

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