Spiking COVID test requests for children bogging down area pediatricians and testing labs

INDIANAPOLIS — As the number of COVID cases continues to rise, local pediatricians and testing sites are inundated with requests.

“I think testing has skyrocketed as kids went back to school,” said pediatrician Dr. Eric Yancy, “If you have large groups of children, they will send things back and forth. Taking into account the significant resistance to wearing masks that many people have, they keep passing things back and forth.

Children under the age of 12 still cannot get the COVID vaccine. dr. Yancy says getting a test can be difficult now, because labs are backed up. In addition to the fight, Dr. Yancy that some test locations will not accept samples from children under 12. Because the symptoms of COVID are similar to other illnesses, he says it can be difficult to adequately determine what a patient has without a test. Sometimes he sees parents opting for quarantine instead of waiting for the availability of tests.

“Ultimately, we often say we can’t get the test for you, so let’s leave you at home for ten days, and then at that point, whether you had it or not, you’re not contagious anymore,” explains Dr. Yancy.

Aria diagnostics is a local testing lab. They have seen a 300% increase in test requests from local doctors. The vast majority come from pediatricians.

“Luckily for us with COVID, we never stopped testing, so we’ve been able to see the trends over the past 18 months,” said Vipin Adhlahka, president of Aria Diagnostics. All 26 students and their parents were tested for known exposure.”

Adhlakha says that 90% of their positive cases come from the delta variant.

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