Sevierville man arrested for indecent exposure near pediatric clinic

KNOXVILLE, Tennessee (WVLT) – A Sevierville man was taken into custody Wednesday after he was found near a children’s clinic wearing only a red shirt, according to a Knoxville police report.

Officers found Derek Kowarko, 31, at Pediatric Consultants, a clinic in North Knoxville. Clinic staff reported Kowarko after he was spotted outside the clinic undressing, the report said. Upon arrival, officers said he appeared to be intoxicated with bloodshot eyes and small pupils. Kowarko was also unable to speak coherently, the report said.

Police also found someone who appeared to know Kowarko in a car nearby, which also contained 13 used needles, meth pipes and suspected heroin.

Kowarko was charged with indecent exposure and taken into custody, the report said.

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