School board has not followed science – Chico Enterprise-Record

The CUSD has not used science during this pandemic. Since last fall the board has kept the children of Chico from attending full-time in-person school. Science has repeatedly shown that children are not the drivers of this contagion and if infected have a less severe case.

This was known to the school board because there is a plethora of evidence, research and studies, yet our children haven’t been in full time classrooms since April 2020! The school board voted on keeping kids out of full time learning at every opportunity. The board knew that this is detrimental to the well-being of the children of CUSD and this resulted in massive learning loss, depression, low motivation and even suicide. The board voted to keep our schools closed to full time learning even when all teachers had the opportunity to be vaccinated.

And masks? There is no data that justifies masking kids (from CDC). In fact, after reviewing ALL the studies worldwide, the CDC found, “no reduction in viral transmission with the use of face masks.” They just cause hypoxemia, hypercapnia, bacterial infections and even cancer and masks are a threat to children’s physical and emotional development. This is absolute science!

School board members Dalby, Lando, Kaiser and Robinson need to go because they don’t have the best interest of Chico’s children and the community at heart. They have disregarded scientific evidence and they will continue to do so.  Parents deserve what’s best for their children.  Sign the recall!

— Jess Furtado Garcia, Chico


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