San Antonio’s non-profit organization brings joy to childhood cancer patients through the Smile Pack

San Antonio September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and hospital staff say smiles, joy and laughter are really what they really need as the public health crisis limits the number of children visiting. I am.

That’s why nonprofits in San Antonio work hard to make sure that fun is provided every day.

Maddie Kramer’s mother, Pammy Kramer, is the co-founder of Dancing While Cancer ring. At the age of two and a half, her daughter Maddy was diagnosed with the rare cancer ATRT. This is a primary tumor of the central nervous system that usually begins in the brain or spinal cord. It started a difficult journey for the Kramer family.

“She was full of energy and she was fine. She had curly hair. She loved to sing and dance. She loved to play,” said Pammy Kramer. “In the early days of her cancer journey it was clearly a very dark day. And that was my big concern, will she be Mattie again?”


Maddy lost her battle with cancer in January 2018. But Pammy said her agony didn’t stop them from giving back what Maddy gave them. Her parents founded Dancing While Cancerring, a non-profit organization that aims to bring joy to children with childhood cancer through a simple “smile package.”

“We were very lucky and she was able to continue to sing, dance and play during the eight-and-a-half-month battle with cancer,” Kramer said. “It wasn’t a headache about what to do. We knew the mission to bring joy was very much in line with what she was traveling, so that was it. It turned out to be a mission, and that’s where it started. “

Since then, the mission has been transferred to Methodist Children’s Hospital, where the Smile Pack had a major impact, officials say.

Jenna Painter, a pediatric life specialist at Methodist Children’s Hospital, said:


Pammy said it’s been three years since he founded the nonprofit and that he shouldn’t forget his last moment with Maddy.

“We were looking forward. We looked at another building with pictures just like the kids in the hospital put pictures on the windows to see which was great, and the big sun. There was one picture of her and she asked about it. She asked about the sun. So yeah, we’re letting her light shine,” she said.

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The San Antonio Nonprofit Brings Joy to Childhood Cancer Patients Through the Smile Pack

Bronlink San Antonio’s Nonprofit Brings Joy to Childhood Cancer Patients Through the Smile Pack

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