Romford gamer to livestream waxing for Young Lives vs Cancer

A man from Romford goes gaming 24 hours a day to raise money for the charity that supported his cousin during cancer treatment.

Laurence Britain, 36, will host the Young Lives vs Cancer Cancer Charity Fundraiser from 8am on August 28.

It includes workouts in crazy outfits, “crazy” pizza topping lump sums and waxing of breasts, armpits and leg hair – all live.

Harry started chemotherapy when he was eight – Credit: Young Lives vs Cancer

This comes after his cousin, Harry Lineham, was diagnosed with cancer at the age of eight and provided the charity with financial support to cover daily travel costs to and from the hospital.

It also helped his family get grants to buy Harry new clothes, as his body changed drastically during the treatment, and he arranged for a tutor to make sure he didn’t fall behind in school.

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Laurence said he wanted to thank the charity for their support during Harry’s three-year treatment, which ended last August.

He said: “I really hope we can help other children and young people benefit from the support that Young Lives vs Cancer is providing and I can’t wait to get started with the chaos we’ve planned.”

The office manager held his first fundraiser last year to mark Harry’s completion of treatment, raising more than £2,000 for charity.

He added: “One of the things that really resonated with me last year was the stories viewers sent me about their experience with childhood cancer and especially the sheer number of them.

“So many people seemed to have experienced cancer directly or otherwise, and it really confirmed the important work that Young Lives vs Cancer is doing.

Laurence has already raised thousands of pounds for the charity that supported his cousin in cancer treatment – Credit: Young Lives vs Cancer

“This year we are aiming to be bigger, better and crazier, both in terms of challenges and forfeitures, setting a dazzling target of £2,200 to beat last year’s total proceeds.”

Becky Clements, Young Lives vs Cancer’s London fundraising engagement manager, added: “We can’t thank Laurence enough for all the time and planning that went into organizing this brilliant event.

“Streaming is such an exciting way to raise awareness and raise funds to reach so many people around the world.”

Harry underwent three years of chemotherapy – Credit: Young Lives vs Cancer

If he achieves the goal, Laurence has also arranged for the children’s cancer awareness ribbon on his arm to be tattooed live on a future stream.

Romford’s Black Diamond Tattoo has agreed to donate the tattoo for free to further support the fundraiser.

To sponsor Laurence’s 24-hour stream, go to

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