Revered advocate for children laid to rest in Bridgeport

News 12 Employees

03 Jul. 2021, 5:19 PM

Updated on: July 03, 2021, 5:19 PM

A respected Connecticut matriarch was laid to rest in Bridgeport today.

Leola Young, who died of cancer at age 63, was commemorated today at a funeral service at the East End Baptist Tabernacle.

Mourners tell News 12 that her record of passionately advocating for children with disabilities was inspired by the story of her own daughter, 28-year-old Sarafina Young. Sarafina says her mother has helped countless people in need during her decades of service to the Bridgeport community.

“She was the definition of ‘not a child left behind,'” she said. “My mother wanted every child to have equal opportunities. Just because a kid didn’t live in a better part of Bridgeport, she wanted them to have the same resources.”

Young’s family is promoting a month to inform the minority organ donor in memory of Young, who herself had a heart transplant.

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