Recognizing the signs of pediatric stroke

ST. LOUIS – When you think of someone having a stroke, a child may not be the first victim that comes to mind, but it can happen.

Dr. Kristin Guilliams, St. Louis Children’s Hospital, is a physician at the only dedicated pediatric stroke clinic in the area.

Babies under one month of age are most at risk of having a stroke, but children of all ages can still get a stroke.

Sometimes when a child has a stroke, it can go unnoticed. The signs that a child has had a stroke in the past will then show as the child develops. Guilliams said a sign of this is that the baby prefers one hand over the other at just a few months old. She said that’s unusual behavior before she’s two or three years old. A doctor must be notified.

It is important to BE QUICK in recognizing the signs of a stroke.

Balance – difficulty walking Eyes – difficulty seeing face – difficulty controlling facial expressions arms – unable to raise arms for a moment speech – difficulty speaking or understanding time – it is important to act quickly when thinking that someone has a stroke.

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