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While there are no signs of a possible third wave of Covid-19 affecting the children, it is better to take precautions against any fever and if there is a fever, the children should be taken to the doctor immediately.

It is advisable to have them tested for the virus, Dr NS Vittal Rao, professor of pediatrics at Siddhartha Medical College, Vijayawada, told S Guru Srikanth. Here are excerpts from an interview with Dr. Vital Rao.

Q. What precautions should parents take after reports of a third wave of Covid and children being more susceptible?

A. Assumptions are made for the possible third wave and children are likely to be affected. It is normal for people to rush to the hospital only when things get serious. However, it is advisable to watch out for a fever, which is the first sign that something is wrong. Therefore, children should be taken to the hospital for treatment as soon as they have a fever. At the same time, it is advisable to have children tested for Covid.

Q. But there are no records of more children infected with Covid?

A. It is true that the number of children reportedly infected is smaller. But post-Covid complications such as childhood multisystem inflammatory syndrome (MIS-C) have been reported statewide. Now treatment for MIS-C is included in YSR Aarogyasri.

Q. Are you saying that children are infected, but such cases go undetected?

A. The possibility of children becoming infected when the adults in the family are infected is always there. In some cases it is visible in the form of a fever and in some cases there are no symptoms. In most cases, fever is assumed and treated as a seasonal illness. This can only be determined by testing samples for Covid. Fever is also one of the symptoms of a Covid infection.

Q. What is the connection between Covid-19 and MIS-C?

A. Normally, the human body develops antibodies to fight viruses like Covid. In some cases, those antibodies in excess lead to inflammation of multiple systems in the body. If treated early, it is not fatal. We have treatment available for MIS-C.

Q. How is it diagnosed and what is the treatment?

A. Antibody Screening and Inflammatory Marker Testing, Including Testing for D-Dimer, C-Reactive Protein (CRP). It is treated with immunoglobulin and other drugs to treat inflammation of the organs.

Q. Has there been no fever testing conducted in the state aimed at children to date?

A. Not yet. Several cases of fever go undetected as most children are taken to private clinics and fewer cases are taken to government hospitals.

Q. What precautions should be taken to prevent children from getting infected?

A. Covid-appropriate behavior such as wearing a mask, maintaining social distancing is recommended, keep children away from gatherings such as weddings and other functions, at least for another year

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