Phoenix pediatrician sees spike in sick kids, not just from COVID-19 | Coronavirus in Arizona

PHOENIX (3TV/CBS 5) – Does your child seem to be getting sick more often? A Valley pediatrician said it’s not just in our heads. His practice in north Phoenix is ​​overrun with appointments. And it’s not just COVID-19.

dr. Kam Sachdeva of Moon Valley Pediatrics, located on Seventh Street near Thunderbird Road, said he sees about 60 patients a day, a 40% increase from the same time in previous years.

dr. Sachdeva has worked to keep kids healthy, but lately it’s been about keeping up with demand.

For the past three decades, Dr. Sachdeva worked to keep kids healthy, but lately it’s been about keeping up with demand. “It’s pretty bad right now. I haven’t seen as many patients in a whole year or even more than I’ve seen this month,” said Dr. sachdeva.

Covid-19 cases in children have ‘steadily increased’ since early July, AAP says, with 121,000 new cases last week

In addition to COVID-related visits, Dr. Sachdeva that winter viruses such as RSV and bronchitis are already doing the rounds. “The majority of them have upper respiratory symptoms, fever, cold, sore throat, headache, vomiting, diarrhea,” said Dr. sachdeva.

He believes the increase is partly due to kids being back in school after going through lockdown and missing exposure to some pretty crucial immunity-boosting germs. “They get sick more than usual,” says mother-of-two Edithza Avila.

Avila said her concerns are focused on COVID-19. She is anxiously waiting for her 9-year-old son Ricardo to qualify for the vaccine. “He’s already asking for it. He’s told me, ‘Mom, I want to get vaccinated,'” Avila said.

dr. Bud Weidermann runs one of the US pediatric trial sites for a Covid-19 vaccine and the question from parents now isn’t about the vaccine itself, but rather what exactly takes so long?

She’s not alone. dr. Sachdeva said he gets that question almost daily. “The parents ask me, ‘Can you please call me as soon as you hear an update on the entry requirements?’ So yes, many patients are ready and they want to vaccinate their children as soon as it is available,” said Dr. sachdeva. To keep up with demand, Dr. Sachdeva has had to extend his opening hours and has hired more staff.

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