Pediatrician urges doubling down on COVID-19 precautions as cases in kids tick up | Local Lifestyles

“We’ve been locally at or near capacity for the past few days, mainly related to RSV, so there will be some resource constraints that weren’t there around this time last year because it’s already very busy all over the country. is dealing with the other respiratory diseases,” he said.

Children under the age of 2 are particularly vulnerable to RSV, which causes inflammation of the bronchioles or small airways of the lungs. RSV outbreaks usually occur in the winter months, but Granger said experts believe those October to April outbreaks were largely avoided because of mask wearing.

“It’s never really gone, so it’s always at a low level in the community,” Granger explains about RSV. “So we basically took a population that was naive to that virus and they were exposed now in the summer. We usually see these high numbers in the winter. The high number isn’t a surprise, it’s the timing of it.”

Granger said it’s a little too early to say whether the rate at which children become infected with COVID-19 in Siouxland will overshadow last November’s peak. He said scientists also don’t have the data to know for sure whether the highly contagious delta variant makes children sicker than previous variants.

“We can learn from and draw conclusions from what the rest of the country is seeing, with their higher hospitalization rates in the pediatric age group, compared to last year. There’s no reason to think we should be any different or our population should react differently,” says Granger.

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