Pediatric Gaming Technology Symposium Announced by Child’s Play Charity

Child’s Play Charity is pulling back the curtain at its first-ever Pediatric Gaming Technology Symposium, harnessing the power of play to showcase how gaming technology is helping hospitalized children.

The Child’s Play Charity event hosts a gathering of like-minded groups and individuals to discuss practices and the future in the fast-growing areas of pediatric healthcare gaming technology.

The Pediatric Gaming Technology Symposium kicks off with a very notable figure in gaming. Keynote speaker and designer, Jane McGonigal, will launch the event in an inspirational session highlighting the therapeutic aspirations of their cause. The ultimate goal of the symposium is to get more hospitals and groups to join the Child’s Play Charity volunteer list in an effort to raise awareness about the positive effects of gaming in pediatrics. Many notable gaming companies sponsor the charity, including Xbox, Bungie, and HumbleBumble.

While it covers many topics such as building programs from the ground up and the challenges they may face, the Pediatric Gaming Technology Symposium is not all business. In addition to meaningful discussions, there will be raffles, giveaways and, most importantly, fun games and activities for the participants. Each participating organization will receive a Gaming Tech starter kit and ensure new connections are made to get more of these programs off the ground.

Childs Play Charity Symposium Schedule

Executive Director of Child’s Play, Travis Eriksen says: “This symposium will shed light on the impactful”
the work of our network hospitals and their programs for children’s lives. The work PGTS is doing is changing the game for patients and families,” regarding the inaugural event. As the COVID-19 pandemic ravaged the country with lockdown instructions, Pediatric Gaming Technology Specialists were on hand to weather the storm, showing how important these technological advances in pediatrics can be.

Medical Director of Child Life, Children’s Colorado Hospital Dr. Joseph A. Albietz III, MD said, “As the number of Pediatric Gaming Techs grows, I think we are seeing the emergence of a new profession in pediatric health care. The PGTS is our next step to learn from each other, building and enabling as many children as possible to take advantage of gaming technologies”, reiterating how important gaming technology has become in this field.

This year’s Pediatric Gaming Technology Symposium will take place from September 22-23, and organizations can register and participate here.

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