Omagh bartenders to run three marathons in a day for the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity

Three bartenders from Omagh train to run three marathons in one day for the Children’s Cancer Unit Charity.

When Shane Horisk’s four-year-old niece and goddaughter, Caitlin, was diagnosed with a rare form of childhood cancer last year, she received “incredible” care from the Children’s Cancer Unit in Belfast.

Last month, when she “ringed the bell” marking the end of her years-long battle with cancer, Shane knew he wanted to do something to show his appreciation.

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The bartender at Sally’s of Omagh joined two colleagues, Micky McBride and Niall McDaid, and the trio decided to run three marathons in one day on August 7.

Shane told MyTyrone all about the challenge, their fundraising efforts and how the training has gone so far.

He said: “My goddaughter received incredible care and attention from the hospital in Belfast, the Children’s Cancer Unit. The outpatient clinics, the oncology and everything else have done so much for her, and we thought that if her situation got better, we would would probably try and give something back to the people who give her.

“They gave her a second chance, so we just had to give something back. She obviously rang the bell there a month ago, so once that happened, we decided to talk a little more about it. But we had trained quietly for this one.”

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But why did they decide to challenge themselves to run three marathons?

Shane replied, “We’d be in a gym there and thought what would be a huge task, what would be a huge thing to do – obviously she’s been through a big challenge, so we wanted to take on a big challenge ourselves.

“We came up with the idea of ​​the three marathons on the three machines. It looks like it will take us about 12 hours if everything goes according to plan.”

The training goes well for the three men, making sure to keep each other laughing throughout the process to keep up the courage for the challenge ahead.

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“We trained there for seven and a half hours on Monday and I couldn’t imagine doing five more, but it’s something we’ll have to do,” Shane continued.

“The training is going really well, it’s tough. We’ve had some rough awakenings because of it, once we started going for longer periods of time we realized it was going to be a bigger task than we first thought.

“We knew it was going to be hard, but we never thought it would be this hard, I don’t think. We will overcome it. I have the other two guys with me, they are both great characters and we laughed a lot. “

Their fundraiser received strong support from the local community, as well as businesses in and around Omagh, with the men hoping to double their original fundraising goal.

Shane added: “There are a lot of people supporting us and looking at the money we have raised so far is insane. We have set a target of £5,000 and now we are at £7,200 on Facebook.

“We also have a lot of cash donations, and local businesses have donated vouchers and stuff, so we’re going to do a draw for that. We’re aiming to raise £10,000 now – so we’ve doubled what we expected.”

You can track Shane, Niall and Micky’s training progress and donate to their fundraiser by clicking here.

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