Ohio man to walk 380 miles for a cause

OHIO — Drew Williams is doing a lot of stretching these days.

What you need to know

A man walks from Louisville, Ohio to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

He is doing this to raise money for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The walker has several health problems himself

He primes his muscles to run more than 380 miles from Louisville, Ohio to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

“I’ve been stretching non-stop for quite some time to prepare for this,” Williams said. “It will be 382 miles in 10 days.”

He started his walk on Friday morning and he is heading out to raise money and awareness for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

“There are always people who absolutely need (help),” he said. “But they don’t have the ability to fight for themselves.”

Williams has dealt with his own health issues. In 2002 he received an electric shock.

“I accidentally touched the wires while pulling it through drywall,” he explained. “Instead of being thrown off it like a normal person would, I ended up hitting the floor and the current just kept going through me and I was kind of cooked from the inside.”

The accident left Williams with multiple medical problems, including seizures and migraines.

“It changed my whole life,” he said. “I haven’t been able to work and since then it’s just been a really hard climb.”

This incident also made Williams want to find a way to give something back.

“I had to achieve something,” Williams said. “Even with all my problems, I had to do something.”

So he decided to walk to raise money for research into childhood cancer.

“It’s what I’m fighting for now,” he said. “It’s so important to me now, more than ever, to raise awareness and raise money.”

Williams plans to livestream his walk from Ohio to Pennsylvania on TikTok for his nearly 5,000 followers.

If you’d like to follow or donate, you can find Williams on TikTok by searching xoodrewoox.

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