Odessa Regional Medical Center to reopen pediatric care unit on May 3

ODESSA, Texas – Odessa Regional Medical Center plans to reopen its pediatric care unit starting May 3.

The facility closed about a year ago due to COVID-19 but will now reopen as it has been renovated in recent months.

The new 16-bed unit will now have a dedicated pediatric hospital staff and nursing care.

“At Odessa Regional Medical Center, our top priority is to provide quality, community-based care to our patients, even under the most challenging of circumstances,” said Stacey Brown, president of Odessa Regional Medical Center. “We are proud of our hospital’s ability to adapt quickly to the pandemic. And with the number of cases falling and vaccination coverage increasing, we are delighted to reopen our newly renovated pediatric department and are ready to support Odessa and the surrounding communities for pediatric care. ”

The unit will have new private rooms and specialized medical care to ensure comfort. There will also be an emergency room, a maternity ward and a maternity room for newborns.

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