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He should be playing with his brothers, getting ready for kindergarten and enjoying his early years.

Instead, at the age of four, he fights an intense battle against a rare form of cancer.


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On November 10, 2020, just six weeks before his fourth birthday, Murray Bridge, Nicholas Fiegert, was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive cancer called Rhabdomyosarcoma.

After what was initially considered minor stomach problems, scans showed abnormalities and he was abruptly sent out of the radiology department.

Mother, Lisa Fiegert said the family never expected it to be tumors.

“During the scan, we were immediately taken to the Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Adelaide, where oncologists were waiting to begin further testing,” she said.

“This included blood, scans, lumbar punctures and biopsies.

“The first week was excruciating. The doctors weren’t covering anything up and we knew very early on that Nicholas had a big fight ahead of him.

“Not only were we trying to understand what was going on, we had to break the news to our other three boys.”

Making the situation more stressful, COVID restrictions made it difficult for the family to visit.

“2020 has already been an incredibly tough year for us,” said Lisa.

“James works interstate and because of COVID he had months away.

“When he returned, he had to be quarantined if he had been between states.

“James had been home for less than a week when we were diagnosed with Nicholas.

“With multiple restrictions in the hospitals, there were often times when only one parent could get in and his brothers couldn’t visit him.

“It added a lot of difficulties to an already difficult situation.”

He is very brave, he has been through so much.

Lisa Fiegert

At just four years old, Nicholas has displayed tremendous strength and courage for someone at such a young age.

“Nicky is such a resilient kid,” Lisa said.

“We have noticed that as the treatments continue, it takes longer for him to bounce back. He has lost a lot of weight and clearly his hair.

“He was supposed to start this year friendly, but that’s not possible now.

“He likes to run and try to be a big boy with his older brothers, but now it’s hard for him to keep up with him. Radiotherapy was very hard on him.

“He’s very brave, he’s been through so much.

“He has a port that is used to administer the chemo, he calls it his robot. But some days he just doesn’t want to go back to the hospital.

“It’s hard because he’s a four-year-old boy, he should be running and playing, not making daily trips to Adelaide to spend hours in the hospital.”

Elissa White, a close friend of the family, has set up a Gofund me page to help the Fiegert family through this incredibly difficult time.

“Lisa and James have been very reluctant to accept help until now,” Elissa said.

“Lisa was told very early on that she would need at least two years off from her job as a licensed nurse.

“With Nicholas being so unwell, having so many treatments, COVID restrictions and James currently unable to work, it’s time to help.

“They have a much higher cost, like gasoline.

“As a community, we all want to contribute and make sure money is something they don’t have to worry about.

“We hope to raise enough money so James can stay home and be with his family, which is where he needs to be right now.

“Lisa and James are also very passionate about raising awareness about childhood cancer and the impact it has on not just the child, but the entire family.

“As Lisa said, “You never think your child will be diagnosed with cancer, but here we are.

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