New pediatric physical therapy room opens at St. Luke’s Chequamegon Clinic

ASHLAND, WI – A new pediatric physical therapy room has now opened at St. Luke’s Chequamegon Clinic.

“The Chequamegon team has developed a strong pediatric physiotherapy program that now has the space to match the talent of its dedicated staff,” said Sarah Stroshane, manager of St. Luke’s Chequamegon Clinic.

“The new pediatric physiotherapy area has toys, a ladder, swings, mirrors and even a rock wall.”

Amanda Whiting, one of three therapists at the clinic, says the space is designed to engage children and maximize their health to achieve their projected life goals.

While the main physical therapy department treats patients of all ages, the new space will treat patients from birth to 18 years old for a variety of conditions and injuries, such as:

Balance and running challenges

The new space will also be used to help patients with Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis.

Plus, it offers free pregnancy / postpartum classes that begin after concerns about COVID-19 subside.

COVID safety protocols have been established and maintained at the Chequamegon Clinic.

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