Nature’s Way Bird Products Supports Fight Against Childhood Cancer With New Hummingbird Feeder

CLEVELAND, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Having a child with cancer is one of the most painful and difficult situations a family can face. To support children and families affected by childhood cancer, Nature’s Way Bird Products is donating a portion of the proceeds from their new Hummingbird Lemonade Stand feeder to Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, a pediatric cancer nonprofit.

Nature’s Way, a manufacturer of wild bird products, has unveiled a new hummingbird feeder with bright lemonade-inspired patterns and colors. In addition to the cute design, this feeder has a built-in continuous seat ring, lifelike flower input ports and an ant moat hood. All feeder parts are removable for complete cleaning, extending feeder life and keeping hummingbirds healthy.

“Our family at Nature’s Way is inspired by the courage of childhood cancer heroes,” said Cristin Smith, director of product development and marketing at Nature’s Way. “As a small family business personally affected by cancer, we felt it our duty to offer our support to others in similar situations. Through this simple gesture of creating the Hummingbird Lemonade Stand feeder and launching it during the National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, we can provide another way to raise awareness for childhood cancer support, and we hope our continued donation will help these children and their families through a very challenging time.”

The Hummingbird Lemonade Stand feeder will be available from 9/1/2021 on and at select retailers.

ABOUT NATURE’S WAY BIRD PRODUCTS Founded in 2011, Nature’s Way Bird Products develops and manufactures advanced bird products with superior quality components and innovative designs. Through a dedicated and extensive network of local dealers and global retailers, Nature’s Way provides a full line of products to enhance the backyard birding experience, including bird feeders, bird houses, bat houses, insect hutches and more. Located in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, Nature’s Way is committed to bringing wildlife back to your yard in a sustainable, enriching and enjoyable way – just the way nature intended! For more information, visit

ABOUT ALEX’S LEMONADE STAND FOUNDATION Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation (ALSF) sprang from the lemonade stand in the front yard of 4-year-old Alexandra “Alex” Scott, who was fighting cancer and wanted to raise money to find a cure for all children with cancer. Her spirit and determination inspired others to support her cause, and when she died at age 8, she had raised $1 million. Since then, the foundation that bears her name has grown into a nationwide fundraising movement. Today, ALSF is one of the leading funders of childhood cancer research in the US and Canada, raising more than $200 million to date, funding more than 1,000 research projects, and providing programs to families affected by childhood cancer. For more information, visit

For media inquiries please contact: Nature’s Way Bird (440) 679-8983

Alex’s Lemonade Stand (484) 437-5630

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