Myrtle Beach family to travel to all 50 states, delivering wagons to kids fighting cancer

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WBTW) – A Myrtle Beach family is on a mission to “lift” kids battling cancer in a special way.

The Hoover family said it’s all about helping children battling cancer. They said they will give cars to families with childhood cancer as a way to provide a safe and comfortable space for the children.

“It was just to make a big impact to give our son a good time and meet other kids, and hopefully give people some hope,” Kevin Hoover said.

Baxley Hoover, 6, is a cancer survivor. He was diagnosed with stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma two years ago and today he is cancer-free. Baxley and his parents, Kevin and Suzanne, travel across the country, visiting all 50 states in their RV.

“We’re going to fly to Alaska and Hawaii, but we’re going to drive to every state and give a car to one kid in every state,” Kevin Hoover said.

The family said they want to help other kids who are in the same battle Baxley was once in.

The car has a very special meaning to Baxley. Baxley chose to be transported throughout the hospital in his car rather than in a wheelchair during his treatment. His parents said the car was his comfort zone.

“It was a safe place for him. He stayed in it for all of his chemo infusions, so we hope to provide some safe space for other kids as well,” said Suzanne Hoover.

“To let him ride in the car with all his stuff, he was given the space that was taken from him, so we thought this would be a good idea. When we started talking to other parents they said how great that is and it’s just a little beach car that is a lot on the market. We’ve found another use for it,” Kevin Hoover said.

The family departs on Sunday, August 1, making their first stop in Jordan Lake, North Carolina.

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