Mum-of-three fighting breast cancer begs ‘help me see my children grow up’ after doctors gave her 12 months to live

A mother of three battling breast cancer begs her doctor to “help me watch my kids grow up” after being told she has 12 months to live.

Emma Pocknell was diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer in January while breastfeeding her youngest child, baby Chester.


Emma Pocknell was diagnosed with hormone receptor breast cancer in January and was told she had 12 months to live.


Emma’s three children Olivia, 11, Scarlett, 9, and Chester, 23 months can grow up without her Credit: BPM

Her body has not responded to chemotherapy and she has been told that the Hereford County Hospital cannot do anything to save her.

The 34-year-old from Worcestershire is eager to see her three children – Olivia, 11, Scarlett, 9 and Chester, 23 months – grow up, but the cancer has spread to her spine, pancreas and lungs.

With only 12 months to live, the mother of three is raising money to visit a private specialist in London who will help her look at other options in the UK and abroad.

“I worry about my children. Every time I hug them, my heart breaks,” she said, according to Birmingham Live.

“My biggest fear is that my baby Chester won’t have memories of me because memories don’t really form until you’re three and I might be gone before he gets to that age.

“My oldest Olivia understands cancer and asks me if it has metastasized when I get back from the doctors. I have to say ‘yes, but mom is doing everything she can to fight this for you’.

“If it weren’t for my kids, I’d be in bed every day, wallowing in them, but I have to keep going for them and giving them hope. Being positive keeps my mind in the here and now.”

Emma’s close friend Lianne Leigh has launched a GoFundMe page as the young mother is referred to private specialist Dr. Stephen Johnston, an expert in the treatment of hormone receptor breast cancer.

dr. Johnston is based at the Royal Marsden Hospital in London and each visit brings Emma £350, and that’s before she gets any treatment that can help her.

Emma said: “I live in limbo, waiting for the next scan or appointment and hoping for a positive result.

“My kids are my reason for breathing now, but I need help if I have a chance to fight this disease and watch them grow up.”

The GoFundMe was set up under the name ‘Help Emma Watch Her Kids Grow Up’.


The mother of three was diagnosed with the aggressive cancer while breastfeeding her youngest, Chester.


Emma’s friend has launched a GoFundMe page to help pay for visits to a cancer specialist in LondonCredit: BPM Breast cancer breakthrough as new artificial intelligence ‘stains on tumors’

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