Midlands motorcycle club supports woman fighting breast cancer

Erica Bryant has stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer that her health insurance does not fully cover.

IRMO, SC — A local motorcycle club was approached about a family battling cancer and wanting to help. A Ride was organized for Erica.

On Saturday, leather was paired with hot pink as motorcyclists from across the Midlands rode in support of a woman’s battle with breast cancer.

Erica Bryant is a wife and mother of three who has battled stage 3 inflammatory breast cancer. Although her last round of chemotherapy is June 30, she still has a long way to go with a double mastectomy and radiation. “I should be done with everything by April next year,” Erica tells News19.

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“They are hard working people every day, 9-5, they pay their bills, pay their insurance, and unfortunately the insurance has let them down. And we’re here to help them make a difference,” say Mike and Gina Lafferty. They are the founders of Shifting Gears Riding Group and heard about Erica’s struggles.

“When we heard the story, we couldn’t say no,” says Gina. “She is only 38 years old, their youngest child is two and her journey is far from over. So their medical bills are still coming in. You know they still have living expenses. In addition to the medical costs, money is needed to buy children’s clothes and groceries.”

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Each bike paid a fee to ride Erica for an hour, then sat back with good music and food, all to support the Bryant family and their expenses.

“Him [her husband, Chad] taking a lot of days off with the kids or taking me back and forth to appointments or if I need to get fluids because I’m so sick…I mean, this is going to help a lot,” says Erica.

“Just to take their free time to do something like that, no words can describe it. It’s just moving,” added Chad Bryant.

“We’re going to do everything we can,” says Gina Lafferty. “That was our whole purpose of trying to help them. So, after this is over, hopefully people will look at the website and donate. If they couldn’t come today and drive if they couldn’t come here today because of work – go to the website, make a donation, do it for a family member, do it in their honor. Help this family.”

Erica says, “This is beyond anything I could have really dreamed of. It’s amazing.”

If you would like to donate to the Bryant family, please visit this link.

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