Meet local cancer survivor Eden Green

HOUSTON – Eden was 14 years old when she played the police officer in KPRC 2’s Fight 2 End Pediatric Cancer PSA. We asked her mother Shannon Green to give us an update and some background on Eden’s battle with cancer.

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Meet Eden Simone Green. Eden has been cancer free for 2 ½ years!!! She has a follow-up PET scan in September to make sure all is well. She will start in group 11 this year! She is working on getting her driver’s license and she already has a car. Overall she is doing great!

Eden has fought cancer twice. She has a rare bone cancer. It’s so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. She is the only known case in the country and the world.

Big hug from little sister Mya to big sister Eden

Her diagnosis: Eden was first diagnosed in June 2015 when she was 10 years old. Since March she complained of pain in her legs from time to time. Eden was a dancer and therefore was always jumping and jumping, so in the beginning her parents explained her pain in her leg for that, and she was also an active kid.


All smile when little sister Mya carries big sister Eden

More about Eden’s rare cancer: Texas Children’s Hospital doctors have given her cancer a technical term: “Primitive small blue round cell tumor primitive neural phenotype”. dr. Foster, her oncologist, calls it “Eden’s Tumor.”

Little sister Mya drives big sister Eden out of the hospital.

How Cancer Affected Eden and Her Family: Eden’s battle with cancer has resulted in many visits and time spent at Texas Children’s Hospital, both on the main campus and on the west campus. Eden has had 14 surgeries, 23 rounds of chemotherapy and more than 30 blood transfusions because her blood levels were too low. Her family has been with her every step of the way.

When Eden was hospitalized for chemo, her entire family moved in and was with her the entire time. Eden’s mother worked from her hospital room and Eden’s father commuted to and from work from the hospital every day. Mya, Eden’s younger sister, was also there to support and encourage her. She has a hard time seeing her older sister so sick and in the hospital.


Eden underwent 8 weeks of radiation at MD Anderson and numerous needle sticks. She spent 9 months without walking; she was in a scooter or wheelchair and had physical therapy twice a week for 2 ½ years.

Eden has damage to her right shoulder as a result of the tumor and will at some point need surgery to repair her right shoulder.

She has already had hip surgery to repair bone damage from steroids used to protect parts of Eden’s body from the chemo she had to take.

Eden’s family is grateful for Texas Children’s Hospital. She’s still here and alive thanks to the treatments, but her family wished there were more alternative methods of treating cancer that don’t have such serious side effects.

Eden’s family say it’s hard to summarize how cancer has affected them. There are many side effects that cancer causes in a family; stress, emotional, physical, financial and the list can go on. The family of Eden say they are Christians and believe that God was with Eden and their family everywhere, and that they had peace and comfort.


Eden has fought hard twice to beat cancer – and she has kept a smile on her face, trusting in God that He was with her.

KPRC 2 would like to thank BIG Love Cancer Care for all it does to help children like Eden. If you would like to donate to BIG Love Cancer Care, click here.

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