Maricopa County healthcare workers ask for school mask mandate as COVID pediatric cases rise | State and Regional

“Members have encouraged residents to use mitigation tactics to protect themselves and others, and they will continue to support the role public health plays as the department works with schools, health professionals and the wider community,” the email said.

Bergin and Dr. Ruth Franks Snedecor, who requested that their hospital affiliations not be disclosed for security reasons, have worked in hospitals during the pandemic.

“We already know that the best place for children to learn is basically the classroom,” said Franks Snedecor, who hopes the board will champion the health and safety of the public and “execute or pass a resolution.” which requires universal mask mandates in K-12 schools.

There were 227 active school outbreaks in Maricopa County, according to the COVID-19 dashboard, with 1,661 students infected as of Wednesday, Sept. 1. The letter says schools without mask mandates are twice as likely to have a COVID-19 outbreak in school and staff compared to those requiring universal masking.

“Kids are good superspreaders because they aren’t vaccinated now,” Franks Snedecor said. “Study after study shows that masking in the classroom, or masking in general, really reduces the risk of contamination and the risk of spreading.”

In August, Banner Health admitted 412 pediatric patients to its hospitals or placed them under observation with suspected COVID-19 symptoms, according to information released at a news conference Wednesday. This is a significant increase from July, when 174 pediatric patients were admitted.

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