Malaysian NGO, cosplayers bring cheer to children battling cancer through free video calls | Life

A zoom session between superheroes and children diagnosed with cancer to cheer them up. ― Photo courtesy of Dicky Halimy Osman

PETALING JAYA, September 3 Some cosplayers have put their superhero costumes to good use entertaining kids battling cancer.

And even with the presence of the Covid-19 pandemic, members of the non-governmental organization Caza SuperHeroes have managed to cheer the kids up.

This is why they went online.

Founded in 2011, the group actively gathers cosplayers across the country donning superhero costumes to encourage children fighting cancer during Covid-19.

Founder Natasha Emelia Laila Abdul Rahman, 33, told Malay Mail that in conjunction with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, the team conducted video calls with children in the country to stimulate children’s minds.

“Over the past few months, we’ve focused on helping 97 children with stage four cancers, including bone cancer, liver cancer and ovarian cancer.

“Whenever the kids saw their favorite superheroes, their faces lit up and they were excited to talk during the video calls.

“Some were constantly asking their favorite superheroes a lot of questions, while our cosplayers also encouraged them to be strong.”

Local ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Wonder Woman’ chat with small children accompanied by their parents. ― Photo courtesy of Dicky Halimy Osman

Natasha Emelia Laila said she was grateful that her husband Dicky Halimy Osmad and their team of cosplayers across the country were willing to provide free video call sessions to the kids.

The cosplayers are all from different parts of the country and each cosplayer is known for their own superhero costume.

“We also prepare two lists, with the first being the child’s favorite superhero they would like to meet and the second being their second favorite.

“So if they want to meet Superman, but we don’t have a costume for that, we would ask the kid for their second preference, which could be Batman or Ironman,” she said.

Earlier this year, the NGO distributed food parcels to families with children with cancer, including diapers, milk for babies.

The NGO also sells face masks and the proceeds will be given to buy presents for the children.

Anyone who wants to donate can message their Instagram page or contact 010-454 8895.

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