Mad River Community Hospital Expands Pediatric Hospitalist Program – Redheaded Blackbelt

Press release from Mad River Community Hospital (MRCH):

Mad River Community Hospital (MRCH) is pleased to announce the addition of Doctors Evan Buxbaum and James Matsuda to its Pediatric Hospitalist program. At the Birth Center we believe that birth is a time to celebrate. It is the beginning of a new family, new experiences and new memories. dr. Buxbaum and Dr. Matsuda will add experience and quality care to our already outstanding team of pediatric caregivers tasked with caring for our newborn population at the birth center.

dr. Buxbaum is a partner in the Redwood Pediatric Group (RPG) in Fortuna, CA, the primary pediatric clinic for the diverse, underserved population of Southern Humboldt County. He has extensive experience in rural pediatric medicine and recently received a grant to establish Humboldt County’s first residential treatment facility for children and adolescents.

dr. Matsuda is a specialist in pediatric intensive care medicine from United Indian Health Services (UIHS). dr. Matsuda studied Pediatrics at the University of Hawaii and then studied Pediatric Critical Care at the University of Iowa Carver College of Medicine. dr. Matsuda is well versed in rural pediatric intensive care.

MRCH welcomes both fine doctors and looks forward to having them take care of our birth center pediatric patients.

“The addition of doctors Buxbaum and Matsuda’s expertise will improve pediatric care for Northern Humboldt’s families.” said Pamela Floyd, interim COO, MRCH.

Douglas Shaw, CEO, MRCH added: “We are honored and proud to be associated with these experienced and patient-friendly children’s hospitals. The additional fact that they partner with the local RPG and UIHS health facilities is an added bonus that creates a cooperative and cohesive expansion of healthcare for our pediatric patients.”

The MRCH Pediatric Hospitalist Program is an integral part of the Birth Center to deliver quality care to our newborn patients. Doctors Buxbaum and Matsuda will join our current team of outstanding pediatric caregivers; Lois Freisleban-Cook, MD (7 years) Michael Mangahas, MD (2 years) and Julia Maurer, FNP (5 years). As the birth center continues to be the birth center of choice in Humboldt County, MRCH embraces our ongoing partnership with the community in outstanding care that is not only for our working moms, but also the newest members of your family.

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