Lubbock teen’s fall reveals bone cancer at UMC Children’s Hospital

LUBBOCK, Texas (KCBD) – Kynlee White thought it was just her active lifestyle of exercising that was causing pain in her leg. However, the 14-year-old fell apart and the trip to the University Medical Center revealed what the real cause was.

“My knee swelled up like a balloon after that happened, so we thought my leg broke,” Kynlee said. “My father helped me with the car and we went to the emergency room. They came in and said it was good news, it wasn’t broken, but the bad news was that we had a sunbeam on the x-ray, which later turned out to be bone cancer.”

dr. Chibuzo O’Suoji was Kynlee’s pediatric oncologist at the UMC Children’s Hospital. She said it was a common bone cancer in children, osteosarcoma. But it wouldn’t be easy for Kynlee to get rid of it.

“Luckily it didn’t spread, but it was a large size,” said Dr. O’Suoji. “We started treating her and she had a lot of challenges, a lot of challenges. She did not tolerate the chemotherapy at all. She vomited a lot and despite our best efforts she will have to stay in the hospital for weeks because she was so sick from the chemotherapy.”

Kynlee’s father, Ted, said the long journey through the treatment and surgery to replace her knee and remove the affected bone was made easier by staff at UMC Children’s Hospital.

“We could come in and have the worst day of our lives, just sick and exhausted, and it seemed like we were part of their family,” White said. “They just wrapped us up and were like, okay, we’ll get through this.”

Kynlee said she loved her nurses and doctors who made her life in the hospital better. She hopes donations to the Children’s Miracle Network will ensure that other children have an equally positive experience.

“If that money is donated, it would really make the stay a lot better with activities and things they can do,” Kynlee said. “Nobody likes to be in a hospital for weeks. Donating would help a lot of the kids who don’t really have a choice to be there.”

To donate to the UMC Children’s Hospital and the Children’s Miracle Network, click here.

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