Local pediatrician urges parents to wait until vaccine shots are approved for kids under the age of 12

While COVID vaccinations are still not approved for children under 12, parents are becoming anxious to delay vaccinating their children as the number of cases continues to rise.

According to UT Health RGV pediatrician Dr. Keila Rodriguez, the wave of the Delta variant may lead some parents to make irrational choices.

“Pre-teens and parents at this point may be tempted to maybe screw up a patient’s age to access a vaccine,” said Dr. Rodriguez. “As a mother, I anxiously await approval for my daughter’s age group.

dr. Rodriguez urges parents to be patient and wait for a vaccine for under 12s to be approved. Parents who find it difficult to wait can enroll their children in a clinical trial.

“The KidCove study has entered its second phase and is accepting participants from six months to 11 years old,” said Dr. Rodriguez. “I would really recommend talking to your pediatrician or GP. You can also look it up.”

dr. Rodriguez says schools should ensure that children sitting at the lunch table are socially distancing, especially since some of them may not have been vaccinated. And if your child has even mild symptoms, Dr. Rodriguez that you should keep them at home.

UT Health RGV Health still vaccinates people from the age of 12. Registration for the vaccine can be found online.

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