Local pediatric cardiologist discusses heart inflammation and possible vaccine link ahead of CDC meeting

INDIANAPOLIS — The CDC will meet on Wednesday to discuss a possible link between the COVID-19 vaccine and heart inflammation in young people.

Prior to the meeting, a local pediatric cardiologist offers his view on the potential risk.

dr. Ryan Serrano says a very small number of cases of heart inflammation have been reported compared to the number of vaccines administered. He adds that most cases were not serious.

Serrano also says the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the risk, even for people with heart disease.

“We’re taking care of really sick kids with really serious heart disease, and it’s easy to think, ‘Oh, I have heart disease, that’s why I’m more at risk of getting this side effect, but that’s just not the case. more risk of getting seriously ill from COVID, so if you have a heart condition, that’s even more of a reason to get vaccinated.”

Of the tens of millions of young people who have received the vaccines, this condition has occurred in a few hundred.

Although at least one death has been reported, it has not been associated with the vaccine.

The CDC meeting begins at 11 a.m. in Atlanta, Georgia. The benefit-risk discussion on vaccines in young people is on the agenda at 1:00 pm

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