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JACKSONVILLE, Florida—It was November 2019.

Yolanda Campbell received news about her son, Jayce, that no parent wants to hear. Her 3-year-old son was diagnosed with astrocytoma, a brain tumor. Yolanda would have to take Jayce to treatment every Friday during the pandemic. She would ask people to babysit her children while she was taking Jayce to treatment.

During their tough time, the Child Cancer Fund came by giving Yolanda gas cards and gift cards to help her and her family. “If it wasn’t for them, I wouldn’t know how we would go on,” Campbell said. “They have really been there for us” For Yolanda, signing up was easy. “You just request it, in a few days you will have your gift cards. You will be approved within a few days”

The Child Cancer Fund, Inc. is a nonprofit organization founded by Jacksonville parents whose children were treated for cancer in 1994. CCF helps families with housing, utilities, food and other household expenses. They also offer a variety of programs and services that provide emotional, educational, and practical support to families.

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