Letters to the Editor Tuesday, Aug. 10

Where does Cuomo go after he leaves?

So now that the state AG’s report on “Governor” Cuomo is out for the public to read in its entirety, most elected representatives of the state are finally calling on him to leave.
The question now arises as to where he will go once he is removed, either by force by uniformed officers or voluntarily from the Executive Mansion and all other state offices, which I doubt he will.
I do have an answer for that.
All he has to do is call 561-832-2600 and ask for the reservation desk in the Mar-A-Lago.
I’m sure they have room for another failed political career hack.
If he’s really nice and asks to see Donald, I’m sure he can get the Honeymoon Suite and they can go through their joint reelection campaign together. I can see the banners now… Trump – Cuomo 2024. Who else are you going to call?
Jason bald

School staff should be vaccinated

Schools are getting ready to open, so it’s already late in the game. ALL teachers and staff in every school should be vaccinated.
No primary school child can be vaccinated against Covid anymore, and neither can most secondary school children.
There are probably hundreds of high school students in the area who can be vaccinated but have not yet been vaccinated. It is for the safety of themselves AND the community and the children they serve that teachers and staff present themselves as those who cannot spread the virus so easily.
It is imperative that just as medical centers and places where seniors live have demanded that their staff be vaccinated, so do those who care for our youngest. Public health is a responsibility of each of us. Superintendents, do your job and make this a rule.
Sally Magido

Schenectady needs to fix his Wi-Fi situation

Schenectady Wi-Fi is a failure. Bring any device such as a smartphone within range of Schenectady wireless and that device will lock to Schenectady Wi-Fi. At that point you will NOT have access to NOTHING. Example: Try to park in and around City Hall. Open the Passport app on your phone. Enter the zone number of the car park where you are: the message “Internet failure” appears.
Of course, the glitch is because your device locks onto the closest signal, the non-functional Schenectady Wi-Fi.
While volunteering at a site in Schenectady, I can’t access internet connections (email, web search, etc.) because the Schenectady Wi-Fi isn’t working.
I remember the great fanfare with which city officials launched citywide access to the Internet.
Perhaps one of those officials should try to use the system.
Larry Lewis

Don’t delay health visits for your children

In 2020, 1 million fewer HPV (human papillomavirus) vaccine doses were given in the United States than in 2019.
COVID-19 has caused many parents to postpone regular healthcare visits for their children. In fact, data shows that the number of healthcare visits for children aged 7 to 17 has decreased by 71% in 2020.
The HPV vaccine is highly effective in preventing certain cancers, such as cervical cancer, vaginal cancer, vulvar cancer, penile cancer, anal cancer, and cancer of the mouth and throat. The HPV vaccine is given to boys and girls ages nine through 26. If you’ve had to postpone your child’s vaccinations, talk to your health care provider to get them back on your schedule.
The Cancer Prevention in Action Program (CPiA) is working to increase HPV vaccination in children to prevent cancer in adulthood. CPiA is helping New York get back on track with HPV vaccination and other ways to prevent cancer.
For more information about the CPiA program, visit www.takeactionagainstcancer.com or contact us at 518-770-6815. CPiA is supported by New York State funds.
Kelsey Carpea
The writer is coordinator for health education, the cancer prevention in action program of Fulton, Montgomery & Schenectady counties.

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