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Connect with families dealing with childhood cancer

Olivia, Serenity, Keaton, Jacob, Elizabeth, Matthew, Alex, Grace, Mitchell. These are the names of my celebrities. These are names that are very well known in my circle. These are names of children IN OUR COMMUNITY who have/fighting cancer!!

Mitchell unfortunately lost his battle two years ago. FIVE of these children were students from Effingham Junior High and High School last year. FIVE!!! It is very rare to have one child in a community with cancer, but FIVE in the same school system?! And that does not include the 5+ other children in our province.

I’m telling you this to remind you that cancer doesn’t just affect adults. And to remind you that September is “Childhood Cancer Awareness Month”. Childhood Cancer is represented with a Gold (yellow) ribbon, because our children are as precious as gold.

I ask you to show some love for these children in September by decorating your homes and businesses with gold ribbons, donating to a local charity (Laura Koester does a Toy Drive for St. Louis Children’s Hospital), or even to say a prayer !! Remember that childhood cancer is NOT rare!! It’s all around us, with so many in our own community. Help be the change. Help spread awareness. Show our children some love!

With love from the mother of a SURVIVAL!

Belinda Rueter


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