Lemonade stand to raise money for pediatric cancer

BELLAIR BLUFFS, Fla. – “So little money is spent on childhood cancer research, I think about 3% of the money goes to childhood cancer research. And it’s just for me that’s so sad,” explains Martha Thorn, team leader at the Thorn Collection with Coldwell Banker Realty.

That’s why she started a lemonade stand 8 years ago to raise money for research into childhood cancer.

Thorn Collection

“Last year, we raised over $40,000 in two hours, and our kids and grandkids get to work at the lemonade stand,” explains Thorn.

This year, the lemonade stand is in honor of Jackson Broom.

The family broom

The 4-year-old was diagnosed with DIPG, an inoperable brain tumor, on February 1. Just 33 days later, and two days before his fifth birthday, Jackson died.

“It’s a very fast-growing cancer and it affects the basic needs, necessities of life, such as breathing, eating, swallowing and exercise,” explains Jackson’s father Jeffrey Broom.

The Brooms find their faith through the grieving process. They believe that he is no longer sick and one day they will be reunited again.

The family broom

“A lot of blessings have come into our lives in the lives of a lot of people because of Jackson and his story. So it doesn’t make it easy in any way. But it, I think, really shows the purpose that Jackson had for being here, and thus makes it bearable,” says his mother, Kaitlyn Broom. “I think we love every opportunity to tell about Jackson, share his story, share and pass on his legacy. I think, at least for me, one of my biggest fears is that he might just is forgotten.”

The lemonade stand will be open Friday, September 24 from 4-6pm in the Thorn Collection offices located at 598 Indian Rocks Rd. N in Belleair Bluffs.

The Thorn Collection

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You can also donate online in honor of Jackson Broom by clicking here.

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