Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust’s poignant celebration to mark five years of fund-raising to save young Worcestershire lives

The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust, the childhood cancer charity in COUNTY, has held poignant celebrations to celebrate five years of raising money to save young lives.

The trust was established in 2016 and was established in memory of four-year-old Grace Kelly who passed away in 2014. To date, Grace’s estate has raised more than £1.8 million.

The Trust’s vision grew out of the inspiration Grace gave to the people she met. Grace was a compassionate and caring girl, who took care of others than herself. Most of all, she wanted to take care of others, rather than herself.

The GKCCT team works tirelessly to raise awareness, fund research into rare cancers in children, and produce educational materials for clinicians, parents and children. They also provide financial, practical and emotional support to families when they need it most.

To date, the charity has provided more than 900,000 copies of its education cards, delivered more than 33,000 copies of its education publications to hospitals and hospices in the UK, gave nearly £50,000 in grants to families, delivered 200 covid support packs, funded £270,000 to research, has supported 10 children with their AV1 robots so far.

The charity’s founder and Grace’s mother Dr Jen Kelly said: “The Grace Kelly Childhood Cancer Trust’s fifth anniversary is a poignant milestone for the charity as Grace never reached her own fifth birthday.

“I truly believe Grace would be so proud of everything she helped achieve, so we want this to be a time when the charity can celebrate all we’ve accomplished so far and support all the families Grace’s legacy has helped.

“Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us in any way. Childhood cancer remains the leading cause of medical death of children in the UK and we are determined to try and change this for the children of the future.”

The GKCCT is celebrating its birthday by holding a virtual balloon race. On Tuesday, June 22, the balloons will leave at noon and exactly one week later the race will close at noon.

The balloon that has traveled the farthest virtual distance is the winner.

For more information about the race, visit

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