Georgia only has three fellowship trained Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecologists

COLUMBUS, Georgia (WRBL) – Piedmont Columbus Regional’s Doctor Charis Chambers is a certified obstetrical gynecologist (OBGYN) and a fellowship of trained pediatric and adolescent gynecologists. She is one of only three fellowship-trained pediatric and adolescent gynecologists in the entire state of Georgia.

“Periods can start as early as age nine, which falls into the pediatric category. So pediatric often means under 21,” said Dr. chambers. “So there are girls that fall into the pediatric category and will have gynecological issues and that’s kind of where I come into the picture.”

dr. Chambers said being able to provide care to this particular group could help allay some of the fears of seeking gynecological care.

“So if you have someone designated for this group, I think it essentially takes away some of those fears,” said Dr. chambers. “And my practice is really focused on the adolescent and pediatric population. And so you know, I don’t do things like invasive exams, I definitely explain things a lot more, I involve the parent or guardian in the discussion conservative approaches because we try preserve fertility and we try to educate and advocate at the same time.”

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Part of parenting and advocacy is creating conversations about menstruation, what they look like, and what girls should look for.

“There are women who are in their late thirties and still don’t know exactly what a period is or what is normal or abnormal when it comes to their cycle,” said Dr. chambers. “My goal is to identify deviations early. We know that many of the conditions that adult women deal with occur as early as age 8 or 9, and the earlier we are diagnosed, the better these outcomes are. So it’s extremely important that even if your child doesn’t have a menstrual problem, they insist that they know what their period should look like and when to seek help.”

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As only 1 of 3 pediatric and adolescent gynecologists in the state, Dr. Chambers patients who drive up to two hours or drive across the Alabama Bridge to see her.

Creating conversations about menstruation doesn’t just stop in Dr. chambers. She also has an Instagram page called “theperioddoctor” that educates women about reproductive health and menstruation. dr. Chambers said it’s another way for girls, parents, or anyone else to find answers and even ask questions.

“When we talk about things like this, we can normalize the conversation so people know that this is normal, this is abnormal, and this is when I need medical evaluation,” said Dr. chambers. “Honestly, I don’t understand why we don’t talk about menstruation anymore.”

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