For 2nd time this month, no staffed pediatric ICU beds left in North Texas region


Hospital officials have reported that for the second time this month, there are no more children’s ICU beds in the North Texas area.

The Dallas-Fort Worth Hospital Council said 76 confirmed pediatric COVID-19 patients were hospitalized on Wednesday, compared to just 19 pediatric COVID-19 patients on July 25.

Healthcare providers are also currently treating an “unusual number” of RSV cases, but no figures were provided on the number of patients currently in hospitals.

The total occupancy rate of all pediatric hospital admissions to bed capacity is currently 92.7%.

The last time there were no more ICU beds for children in the North Texas area was August 12.

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Steven Love, of the DFW Hospital Council, added that pediatric hospitals can “adapt to patients’ needs” and use other areas to treat during high volume situations.

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