Does Posie Labrant have cancer? Truth behind the documentary video

Fans have raised concerns for Posie Labrant’s health after her parents Cole and Savannah shared a documentary video titled “She was diagnosed with cancer.” Does the vloggers’ daughter really have cancer?

American bloggers The LaBrant Fam posted a 42-minute video on their official channel on August 28, in which Cole and Savannah are told that Posie may have cancer and how she is coping with her health problems.

However, the pair are now getting backlash after their followers discover the truth about the video.

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Does Posie Labrant have cancer?

No, Posie doesn’t have cancer.

Although Cole and Savannah begin the video by stating that they are convinced Posie could have the disease because of her health problems, the couple later confirm that their daughter is safe and does not have cancer. They also share two more children; Everleigh Rose Soutas and Zeeland Cole LaBrant.

They have mentioned in the description of the video that Posie is “ok and healthy”. It goes on to say, “but not all parents get the same good news as we do.”

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While noting that they were trying to spread awareness about cancer through their latest documentary, both Savannah and Cole have been heavily criticized on the internet for framing their video title in such a way that some thought Posie was in fact suffering from cancer.

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Controversial Video Investigated

One of the reasons The LaBrant Family’s followers are annoyed is the fact that Cole and Savannah start their video showing Posie’s visits to the doctor and the shock they experienced when they realized their daughter could have cancer.

However, they later reveal the truth and explain that the purpose of their video was to spread awareness about the disease while also showing the struggles of parents fighting for the lives of their children.

The documentary describes three families whose children are battling cancer. Cole meets each of them in person as they demonstrate their struggle and struggle against the deadly disease.

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The documentary of the LaBrant Fam is causing a furore

A large number of Twitter users have berated Cole and Savannah for using their daughter’s false diagnosis for influence while yelling the video for “clickbait.” Many have questioned the YouTubers about their treatment of their daughters, as the video seems to have rubbed them the wrong way.

One angry user wrote: “I’m not a religious person, but I really don’t think God would let the LaBrant use cancer as clickbait”

Another wrote: “Dude cole labrant is a disgusting human being. Taking advantage of cancer-related clickbait, then visiting children in hospital chemo wards during a pandemic, all so he can gain more clout. AWFUL.”

One commented, “I feel so sorry for the labrant family’s kids.”

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