Dickie V’s fight for pediatric cancer funding

‘She always said,’ Richie, never, never, never can’t believe. Don’t allow it to be a part of your life. ”

-Dick Vitale, on some of his mom’s favorite sayings.

Tampa Bay resident, former ESPN sports analyst, former coach and OG Hype Man Dick Vitale would like Tom Brady to call him.

He has a welcome pack… like the one you pass in church.

If you’re looking for a place to do good in the city, Vitale and his fight for child cancer funding are available to receive funding.

But only if people can really afford to give.

It’s been a tough year fighting to raise money during a pandemic.

For the past year, Vitale won’t complain about working from his virtual studio at home – away from the basketball arenas and his peers.

He has been safe while others have suffered the loss of loved ones, jobs and even homes.

So I’m not in an arena. Wow. That’s really hard, ”said Vitale sarcastically. “That’s nothing compared to what people had to face.”

Last year’s big fundraising gala was a virtual success.

This year’s scaled-down personal gala is approaching Friday, May 7.

And Vitale’s office is filled with copies of stories of children in cancer battles – these are children he meets and gets to know in town.

He has passed on a handout of several children – all with smiling faces – all of them.

He spoke at some funerals.

Vitale uses his fame to raise money for childhood cancer.

And he talks about the people who come for him in ways big and small – that’s what keeps him motivated.

He also gets his optimism from his mother.

He says she never made him feel sorry for himself, even after he lost an eye as a child.

So Ritchie – you only have one eye. Great deal. You could do what someone else does, ” he shared his favorite conversations with her.

He leans on her words and those of his friend, legendary coach Jim Valvano.

Vitale is raising money for the V Foundation, a charity that ESPN started in honor of Valvano.

He gave an exciting talk for cancer research shortly before his death from the disease in 1993.

“Never give up. Never give up,” Valvano told the audience that this was the motto of the new foundation, adding towards the end, “Cancer can take away all of my physical faculties. It can’t touch my mind. It can’t touch my heart, “Valvano said. It can’t touch my soul.”

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