Covenant hospital unveils new pediatric ambulance | KLBK | KAMC

LUBBOCK, Texas – Covenant Hospital has unveiled their newest addition to transportation services: a pediatric ambulance.

The ambulance looks slightly different from the outside and is unique in the region due to its unique design.

The Covenant Children’s Hospital Specialty Transport Program Coordinator, Cherish Brodbeck, said it has the ability to take more than one patient at a time.

“We can transport twins to patients at the same time. So that families can be transported together,” Brodbeck said.

The back of the ambulance is designed to carry up to two patients. A seat in the center of the vehicle is adjustable and can be rotated 180 degrees to ensure each patient receives proper attention.

It also includes extra seating for parents or loved ones. A TV screen with built-in DVD player in the ambulance is designed to help children feel calmer and more comfortable on their way to the hospital.

Kim Crawford said it did just that for her and her son, Blake Crawford. Blake recently broke his arm and was one of the first kids to ride in the back.

“I saw the LED lights flashing in different colors like blue, green and yellow. They answered every question I asked them,” Blake said.

Blake was treated with care and his mother couldn’t be more grateful.

“Their knowledge and compassion and their ability to deal with the situation,” Kim said, “looks like they knew what they were doing.”

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